In 2011, one of our clients told us they were spending too much time answering the phones, managing calendars and following up on voicemails for LIHEAP appointment setting. The current process was frustrating for staff and customers. We said, there has to be a better way..

That was the beginning of the LIHEAP Scheduling and Management System (LSM).

Now, more than 1,500,000 customer interactions later, the LIHEAP Scheduling and Management System automates appointment scheduling and award inquiries, reduces repeat appointments and centralizes all program data and reporting into one system. It was developed with features from Community Action Agencies around the county to serve the specific needs of their customers. By blending ATI ‘s extensive expertise in IVR, software application development and data security with a focus on customer service, the LSM is a proven, cost-positive solution for serving more customers’ energy needs.

About Active TeleSource

Active Telesource, Inc., (ATI) has been providing outsourced solutions specializing in customer care, call center services and customer retention programs for regulated industries since 1997. ATI is actively involved in the utility industry and works with award-winning public and private utilities as well as Community Action Agencies. Our core service offerings include hosting customer facing payment processing and specialized IVR (interactive voice response) programs for customer self-help and Energy Assistance.

LSM Client Feedback

"...The LSM has exceeded our expectations and has paid for itself"

Program Coordinator, PCCC

"The LSM system works great and is very reasonable."

Energy Director, NOI

"Active TeleSource was able to develop a unique, cost-effective and easily manageable tool.  Their IVR and LSM system allowed our customers ease and speed with scheduling their appointments, checking the status of their applications, requesting fuel deliveries, and obtaining answers to their general questions without staff interaction. Their IVR and LSM systems has allowed us to serve our customers in a more effective and efficient manner.

ATI has proven to be a responsive and customer-focused partner with fulfilling our needs. We are very pleased about their system and have recommended them to other CAP agencies within our network."

Community Action Agency of New Haven